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The company is the sole agent and agent for all print works of Shi Boyu.  Shi Boyu art resume:  Shi Boyu, he was born in 1967, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, graduated from the Department of fine arts, Yunnan Arts University, bachelor's degree. His prints, oil paintings, water colors were selected for international, national, provincial and municipal art exhibitions and awards. In recent years, a series of art works he created has selected a China Association hosted the fifteenth session of the Sixteenth National Print Exhibition, sixteenth China are association new works exhibition and the Tenth National Art Exhibition, won the third session of the International Gold Award Calligraphy Competition Award in Yunnan Province, "Stars Award" bronze art and Kunming City Youth Art "Star Award", "Kunming Art Award" honorary title.He is now the general secretary of the Xishuangbanna Artists Association,, a member of the art committee. Themes from childhood. Childhood is always unforgettable, Shi boyu with the prints of the painting language to convey the impression of campus and shepherds we recall the life period of wonderful memories - of the game, exercise, labor,  autumn, or his painting can let us walk through life in this wonderful time, childhood. Painting the campus life, not only to express the real and vivid, but also for the past childhood a pursuit. It is so familiar, because everyone has experienced!Reading his paintings into his paintings, will come to a "fairy tale" of the world, if you can go back to childhood: the familiar bell rang, here is a recess game paradise; after school, the campus was open for many parents and children happy heart; when autumn wind rises gradually. Teachers and students travel in the charming natural scenery, bathing, joy in the intoxicating autumn sun; campus green tree forest, singing is accompanied by the growth of happy birds, each other warm, longing for the green, man and nature, that is harmonious; in July under the blue sky, graduated from children, alma mater attachment again, look at the blue sky, there will be a new starting point, angry students, road is still far away; in the dream of the campus, it sucks the rich nutrition of scholarly passion, all the people tell a memorable experience Time - the golden childhood on campus, the beautiful feeling. Author under the pen of the creative process with passion and joy, painting in the process of gestation, become a beautiful look, when he from photoengraving opened last calico, combination of shape and color, neonatal birth! He said: "art comes from life, art is higher than life, beauty, thinking, creativity is the art of talking about the theme of painting, no right or wrong.